5 Stress Relieving Herbs That Work Wonders

24 Sep , 2019

With the busy, hectic lives we lead, it isn’t a surprise that most of us have suffered from stress our fair share of times. An effective way to deal with stress is by using natural remedies that not only work but are also much safer than allopathic medicines. Here are five stress-relieving herbs that you can try and see what works for you:

Lemon Balm

Known for its citrusy notes and delightful taste, lemon balm has been used for thousands of years for its anti-anxiety properties. It relieves stress and also helps with other mood disorders. A potent member from the mint family, when drunk as a tisane, it brings over a sense of calmness in just a matter of a few minutes. Just rubbing the leaves between your palms and inhaling the aroma of its essential oils will do the trick as well.


Prominently used in Ayurveda for over 2500 years, Ashwagandha plays a major role in helping with fatigue, exhaustion, and stress. It is also effective against depression and nervous tension. Also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, it also helps fight infection and reduce infection. This miracle herb can be powdered and mixed with warm milk or made into a tisane for maximum benefits.      

Tulsi / Holy Basil

Also a member of the mint family, tulsi or holy basil is known as the “queen of herbs”, and for good reason. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, tulsi has been used to treat several ailments in most of the Indian households. But, the most significant use of tulsi is for relieving stress and providing relaxation. It also manages blood sugar and promotes heart health. Tulsi is famously drunk as a tisane, but can also be used in cooking or taken in powdered form.


Not only does chamomile help greatly in calming your nerves and helping with stress and anxiety, but, they are also hugely beneficial to people with insomnia. It helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing irritability. Chamomile tisanes are safe for children as well, giving them the solid hours of sleep they need.


One of the most important herbs the world has known, Turmeric’s most potent component is curcumin. Studies have shown that curcumin has helped to reverse harmful brain changes induced by stress. It has been proved to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue while significantly increasing the quality of life in individuals suffering from extreme occupational stress.

 Knowing how to use the right herbs for stress will go a long way in making a huge difference in our busy lives. Make sure that the remedies are backed by science and you’ll soon find stress to be a thing of the past.

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