When mom Rekha Rathi Saboo, an Indore-based bridal boutique owner decided to raise her family the organic, all-natural way, little did she know what her love for Ayurveda and herbal teas would turn into. All her years of learning and experience gave birth to Health Story, a brand that focuses on giving traditional herbal blends, a resounding comeback into Indian households. With a terrace garden teeming with organic herbs, flower plants, etc., the family had cured itself of every ailment with herbal infusions since the beginning. The effectiveness of these teas served as the drive for Rekha to share her unique recipes with friends and family. However, she realized that people weren’t able to make the infusions on their own due to a lack of time/interest. Thus, with the help of her daughters, she began making them tea bags which were received with much enthusiasm. All one had to do is dip a bag in hot water to enjoy its myriad benefits. That was when a chance trip to Vietnam opened doors to the fascinating world of tisane (herbal tea). Here, she procured in-depth knowledge of the different herbs, fruits and plants that are hugely beneficial for the human body and mind. She journeyed to China and Turkey for more research and realized that consuming tisane on an everyday basis has long-term benefits for the mind and soul, apart from immunizing our body against several illnesses.

Once back in India, she discovered that these herbal infusions were a daily staple in the diet of our ancestors, protecting them from several of the diseases plaguing us today. This made her and her daughters Shruti and Shreya vow to bring back long-forgotten traditions, as their bit of good to the society. That was how Health Story’s Tizan was born, to bring back the lost ancient Indian traditions into a world filled with inorganic and artificial consumables.